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“I was putting my house on the market thinking I would have to take a loss. Jennifer told me what to do and was available for me to ask questions and review photos of my progress to make sure I did everything properly.

The open house was on Sunday and we received 8 offers on my house. I listed it for $899k and it sold for over $1 Million. A condo in my building (same layout and size) sold one year before in the mid $700k range in a market that was only marginally worse than when I put mine on the market. Everybody told me to brace myself for a poor turnout, that it would languish “in this market”, and basically I was a fool for thinking I could list it for so much over what the last condo sold for. Thank you Jennifer!”

C. Moreno, Santa Monica, CA

“Jennifer worked with us to design the restaurant from the ground up. Consequently, we had the best possible Feng Shui from the beginning.

We have been averaging a growth of 15-20% every month. We are making $125,000/month. Due to our success, we are expanding to the place next door, which will double our square footage (to around 260 square meters/3000 square feet). We will be including a lunch service with the expansion. We are also going to franchise our business.

We want Jennifer to Feng Shui all of it!”

R. Szepvolgyi, “Smokey’s Barbecue”, Singapore

“I’m an actor, and I was looking for work, and an agent. Jen concentrated on my Wealth, Fame and Career areas. We took no chances, and pumped up the Fame area extensively. I think we moved every red object I owned to the south side of my apartment.

Four days after the consultation, I got a call out of the blue from a friend who invited me over for dinner. I was picked up in a limo, escorted inside, and offered a cocktail. Richard told me we would be expecting a third for dinner. Shortly thereafter, in strolled Brad Pitt!!

We talked all night, and within a month I had an agent, not only for acting, but modeling too! About a week later, I entered the L.A. Gift Show with my bath products, and made $50,000 in orders in 2 days!”

R. Edinger, President, Artistocrat

“I would highly recommend Jennifer as a Feng Shui consultant. It takes a huge amount of trust and respect to allow someone to come into your home or office and tell you where you can improve.

Jennifer exceeded all of my expectations. She has the expertise and training to get the job done, and really make some huge changes in your life. I hired her to Feng Shui my office. It an old office with a very small space which I was worried about making perfect… no room for error!

Since she made the modifications in color and placement of objects my business has changed dramatically, for the better! My business has doubled since her service which I can only attribute to the SHUI! If you feel like your space (home or office) is disorganized and chaotic or if you’re willing to look at it from an energetic standpoint, get Jennifer to Feng Shui ASAP!

I know it’s a difficult time currently and this service may seem like it’s not in the budget but this investment may could prove to be worth it as it did with me. Oh yeah, I hired her for my home after that positive experience at my office!”

Dr. C. Fardell, D.C., A.R.T.

“I had been experiencing massive health problems, was not getting along with my husband, and our business was barely breaking even. The first day that green paint went up on our Health wall, I was able to walk around the block for the first time in months! After Jen did our bedroom, we found out we had been sleeping in our “six killings” area! Needless to say the bed was moved, and things immediately got better. The day after our Wealth wall was painted burgundy, we got a call saying one of my relatives had left me an inheritance of $80,000!”

L. Schiller, Seminar Coordinator

“I asked Jen to come over to my house just to give me a “demo” of what she could do. She pumped up my relationship area heavily, because I told her I wanted to be in a relationship. She asked me about what I considered to be “romantic”. I told her I loved Paris, and French men. Two weeks later, at a business seminar, I met a French guy in Paris, who spoke Japanese. I am Japanese, so this was really weird. Not only that, but we both ended up moving to Tokyo! I told Jen “Hey, that was a pretty good demo!”

M. Kamada, Interactive Media/Marketing

“Not only is Jennifer talented and professional, but she is a pleasure to work with. Her passion and knowledge of Feng Shui is impressive and infectious. As a designer myself I can speak to her amazing eye for color and material.

I have seen Jennifer take a plain home with white walls and little architectural detail and turn it into a beautiful, colorful, fun, and functional home. She makes projects come to life almost effortlessly.

If I need Feng Shui, color or design consultant, or even just a little design inspiration Jennifer is it!”

J. Laine Johnson, Interior Designer, San Francisco, CA

“I love Jennifer!!! Not only is she an incredible designer and extremely knowledgeable about feng shui, but she genuinely cares about her clients. She feng-shui-ed my house yesterday and found some really bad “ju ju” (which she said could possibly explain a recent car accident and near-death rafting experience this summer.) She not only gave us great feng-shui advice, but also practical design and “de-cluttering” tips. Can’t wait to see the results! Absolutely love her! :)”

C. Wang, Fine Artist

“I was tired of being single, and wanted to move to the East Coast, so I asked Jen to Feng Shui my bedroom. Within 6 months, I was married to my dream man, pregnant, and living in New York City. I also got an unbelievable job as an Account Manager at a Japanese printing company that does giant coffee table books. To say I was happy is an understatement.”

C. Schlosser, Account Manager, Dai Nippon Printing

“Knowledgeable. Practical. Creative. My husband and I have hired Jennifer several times – twice for our own residences, and then also for our real estate investments. Not only is she knowledgeable about Feng Shui, she is also very creative in finding easy, practical, and appropriate, inexpensive solutions to Feng Shui problems. It really makes a difference! Jennifer is also an expert on using colors to improve Feng Shui. Having lived with white walls all my life, I was amazed at what Jennifer’s color selection did for our home, and for our own mental energy. Our visitors love what Jennifer has done with our place. I have worked with other Feng Shui consultants before, and Jennifer is by far the best!”

E. Wu, Owner, Abundance Realty

“I was in a rut in my career, and chronically single, so I decided it was time to try Feng Shui. After Jen did my bedroom, I took a long shot and applied for an MBA program at an Ivy League School on the East Coast. I got in! Although I was a little apprehensive about leaving California, once I got there, I met the most amazing man, and now we’re madly in love. I also an internship in Marketing at a high-level audio company in the Boston area, that has since turned into a career.”

E. Johnson, International Marketing, Bose

“Jennifer is an excellent Feng Shui consultant. I was so impressed with her professional work for my clients that I hired her to “feng shui” my own home! The results were comprehensive, meaningful and thorough! What’s more, Jennifer gives you a full-color printed report at the close with all of her suggestions for your home in writing. She is agreeable and friendly, and you can tell she is very passionate about her work. I will definitely work with Jennifer again for future home purchases, and I’ll continue to recommend her to clients!”

A. Plut, Real Estate Agent, san Jose, CA

“Jennifer definitely has the natural groove to leverage Feng Shui to help you pump up your career, business, love, and peace of mind through space and living environment redesigning. She incorporates power colors that are customized to your personal needs in achieving the ultimate results you want and beyond. Her work will alter your state of being immediately. She is worth every penny!!!”

S. Ko, Owner, Moi Day Spa

“Jennifer was a pleasure to work with in developing my Feng Shui workspace. She evaluated my needs, assessed the possibilities, and the eventual results that were inspiring, highly personalized, and effective.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

E. Krasnovsky, Bose Corporation

“Jennifer Emmer is a very good Feng Shui Consultant. I always found her to be knowledgeable & very creative. I always get great RESULTS afterwards too – which is a good validation of her skills! She is very flexible & works WITH you punctually, to your satisfaction. The icing on the cake is that Jennifer is a delightful person to know & work with…and is a friend now! I highly recommend Jennifer for her Feng Shui arts!” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

B. Bilimoria, Massage Therapist