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Jennifer A. Emmer

Jennifer is a Feng Shui Master and Interior Designer with hundreds of clients. She has designed businesses, homes, hotels, movie studios, restaurants, and spas on the West Coast, East Coast, The South, The middle U.S., Italy, England, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Jennifer A. Emmer, Feng Shui Master

Jennifer was recently named one of the Top 10 Most Influential Feng Shui Experts On Twitter.

She began studying and practicing Feng Shui in 1995 in San Francisco’s Chinatown, with immediate and impressive results.

She pumped up her “Helpful People” corner, and met Academy Award Winning Film Editor Gabriella Cristiani, who agreed to teach her film editing. Gabriella had also learned Feng Shui in China, after editing The Last Emperor, for which she received an Oscar in 1987.

After performing consultations with Gabriella, Jennifer enrolled at the American Feng Shui Institute in Los Angeles, founded by Master Larry Sang, where she learned the two oldest forms of Feng Shui: the “Form” and “Compass” School.

In 1997, Jennifer created L.A. Feng Shui in Venice, California, where she worked with many movie studios, celebrities, artists, and actors. In 2000, she decided to leave the frenetic pace of L.A. and return to the Bay Area, where she established Feng Shui Style.

As for her “classical” education, Jennifer studied Humanities at Harvard University, with a major in French and History, which eventually led her to architecture and Historic Preservation.

She also studied Design and Photography at the Massachusetts College of Art, Non-linear video editing at Boston Film & Video, Oil Painting and Italian in Florence, Italy, and International Business at Boston University.

All her experience and passions ultimately combined in the practice of Feng Shui, which involves architecture, color, design, people, history, and culture.

Jennifer lives in an 1895 Queen Anne Victorian house, which she has “Feng Shui’ed” from top to bottom. She regularly speaks at Preservation Conferences, and is on the Design Committee for the New High-Speed Rail and Train Station in Santa Clara County.

Jennifer getting \"defuzzed\" before her HGTV debut!

Jennifer getting “defuzzed” before her HGTV debut!