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Feng Shui & Interior Design Home Staging Renovations

Feng Shui & Interior Design

Home Staging



F&B Blue Gray No. 91 paint Bagua life areas small vict-cottage-plans

Choosing Paint Colors

Getting Ready

Locating your Floorplans


Historic Homes

Sunlight plays on this cheery Victorian exterior.

Click on the photo above to see some inspirational Victorian paint schemes.

We can help you choose the right colors – inside and out ~ and we love to work with historic homes. Give us a call to get started today! 408-355-3190.

Visualization meets Interior Design

Feng Shui is about achieving harmony between you and your dwelling. Some people feel better in the West. Others in the East. Some people prefer wooden furniture. Others like metal. Everyone has a “sign” in Feng Shui, which explains these preferences. Your home or office also has a “sign” based on its location, and the year it was built. Our job is to match you with your dwelling, and pump you up in all areas of your life.

Take a look at our Services, and when you are ready to begin, send us an email at jennifer@fengshuistyle.us or call us at 408-355-3190.

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