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We recommend that all our clients begin with a Feng Shui consultation, even if they think they only want interior design. This is because our findings will inform every design decision you make in your home or office. The results will be expertly tailored to you and your space. At the end, you will have a place that is balanced and beautiful. It will also feel wonderful.

#1 Topography
How is it affecting the home or business?
#2 Structure
How are your relationships? Doors, windows, room usage and location all have an effect.
#3 Object Placement
We tweak furniture layout and object placement, colors, shapes and elements to maximize flow.
#4 Yin & Yang
We balance Yin & Yang in the dwelling.
#5 People
Everyone has a “sign” in Feng Shui – called a Trigram. Where you spend time can affect whether you will have good health, relationships, and wealth.
#6 The Elements
We analyze the 5 Elements (Fire, Metal, Earth, Wood, Water) in your space and determine how to “pump up” you and the dwelling itself.
#7 The Bagua
We will provide you with a “Feng Shui template” superimposed over your floorplan in the correct direction, based on the compass. Using it as a guide, we will address the following areas of your life:

  • Career (The Path of Life),
  • Knowledge & Self-Cultivation,
  • Family & Health,
  • Wealth & Prosperity,
  • Fame & Reputation,
  • Relationships,
  • Children & Creativity,
  • Helpful People & Travel,
  • Center (the center of your life)

The Bagua is probably the single most important tool in Feng Shui. You will be able to use it like a map to implement your Feng Shui “prescription”.

After your consultation, we will provide you with a written assessment of your space. This will include everything we observed, the Feng Shui implications, and suggestions for addressing problems. It will also include general design directions for each room, such as “this room should have red accessories and an earth color on the walls to pump up relationships”.

In addition to providing Feng Shui, we are available on a consulting basis for all your interior design needs. Typically, our clients begin with a Feng Shui consultation, then hire us to design their spaces based on what we found.

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