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Bed & Breakfasts/Hotels:

Addison Choate Inn, Exterior

Addison Choate Inn, a Bed and Breakfast in Rockport, MA, exterior

Addison Choate Inn, Front Porch

Addison Choate Inn, Front Porch

Addison Choate Inn, Rockport, MA:

We Feng Shui’ed the Addison Choate Inn from top to bottom, including the basement, and the yard. The staff was working in the (very dreary, dark) basement, and their morale was low. After analyzing the Feng Shui of the building, and interviewing everyone who worked there, we painted beautiful colors in the basement and completely transforming the staff’s view of their jobs. They couldn’t believe that the owners were that committed to their happiness. This is why we love what we do.

Featured Entertainment/Celebrity Clients:

Summerland Pictures, Beverly Hills, CA, Shockwave Pictures, Oakland Hills, CA, Blue Sky Stock, Mar Vista, CA, Judy Segal, Malibu, CA, L. Baker, Writer/Producer “Frasier”, “Desperate Housewives”

Shockwave Founders   Blue Sky Stock

Segal Family   Summerland


Smokey's Barbecue
Smokey’s Barbecue, Singapore

Smokey's Barbecue
Smokey’s Bar, Singapore

Featured Bay Area Clients:

Salon Mona Lisa, Los Gatos, CA:

SML-Establishing    SML - Mona Lisa

SML-Dreds    SML-Chandelier

Synergy Sports Chiropractic, Los Gatos, CA

Before (left) and After (right)

Synergy Sports - Before    Synergy Sports - After

We’ve done Bed & Breakfasts in New York, Massachusetts and Maine:

B&B New Paltz, NY    B&B, Maine

Some of our health practitioner clients: Jessica Arguello Qi Gong, Kujiweza Healing Arts, Moi Day Spa, Bomi Massage, Dr. Carley Fardell, D.C., A.R.T., Dr. Suzanne Schiller, D.C., Barry Bruder, Ms.T., Rian Shumacher Yoga, Pilates Fitness Center, Kendall Corey Pilates, and Peter Evans Qi Gong.


   Qi Gong Practice

   Hot Rocks

Pilates Studio   

Below: While in Los Angeles, we even Feng Shui’ed a yacht in Marina Del Rey!

Marina Del Rey

Residential Clients:

An exterior paint job we did in California ~ Before (left) and After (right)

Saratoga - Entrance - After

   Saratoga - Entrance - After

California Curb Appeal

Gillespie Garden   Curb Appeal

From Storage/Dumping Ground ~ To Tuscan Dining Room!

Geis Dining Room, Before    Geis Dining Room, After

These homeowners were on a budget, so we spruced up the 1950s Kitchen

Geis Kitchen - Before    Geis Kitchen - After

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