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Sell Your Home 82% Faster with Feng Shui. We specialize in working with the furnishings you currently have, and streamlining the look with new paint, accessories and our secret weapon: Feng Shui!

#1 Clear the Clutter
Removing clutter can literally bring in thousands of dollars MORE in your selling price. It is the single most important place to start.
#2 Paint
We will help you choose paint colors where necessary to highlight key features and sell your home.
#3 Lighting
Lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of a room. We can help you pump up your lighting with an eye toward selling.
#4 Flooring
We suggest flooring options for every budget. We also specialize in finding eco-friendly and budget-friendly solutions.
#5 Dated Rooms
We will help you update the look of your home by using what you have. We can save you thousands in renovation costs, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.
#6 Furniture Selection

We will help you edit furniture, or add new pieces where necessary. We can work with any style of furnishings ~ but we always recommend universally appealing solutions that maximize your selling potential.
#7 Artwork
We will help you choose artwork to highlight key areas. We also have a fine artist on staff, who can create customized Feng Shui paintings for you!
#8 Plants
Plants are so important in Feng Shui because they are one of the Five Elements – Wood. We show you what kinds are best, and where to put them. We also highly recommend live plants for Home Staging. They bring life (and literally oxygen) to the home like nothing else can.
#9 Landscaping
You can Feng Shui your yard just as easily as your house. We’ll show you how. Curb Appeal is your first chance to make a great impression.
#10 Anything else
Just ask, and we’ll do our best!

Get your home market ready with the secret weapon of Feng Shui!

Send us an email at jennifer@fengshuistyle.us or call us at 408-355-3190.

Be sure to include your phone number, so that we can get back to you.

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